WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along


In case you missed it, last Friday I shared the FO for the mysterious striped project i’ve been working on recently. (Spoiler alert: it’s a zebra!)

I’ve still been plugging along on my secret projects, but since one is All But Stuffing, I’ve been poking around in my WIP basket & attempting to finish stuff up.

What’s in the picture up top is a hat (so nice that I’m finishing up these warm hats now that it’s 80 degrees outside… :), and I discovered that all it needed was 10 rows of sc on the brim and some buttons to be done! So I’ve completed the actual crocheting and found some neat buttons from my stash. Just need to do a bit of sewing!

I turned my attention next to my autumn leaves hat (another hat, I know, ridiculous). This one will take a bit longer than an afternoon to finish up, but I spent some conference call time on it earlier this week, and it’s really starting to take shape. I can definitely see the leaves now; in fact, it almost is like it’s blooming! Such a neat pattern.

It’s been fun picking up some of these WIPs that have been hanging around. I won’t be able to wear them right away, but at least after I’m done I’ll have 2 new hats for this next winter.

I just started reading The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, which definitely reads like Sherlock Holmes fan fiction (and I don’t mean that as an insult!). It’s written in the same style as the original Sherlock Holmes stories. I really enjoyed those, so I think I’m going to enjoy this as well. I like the mysteries and action so far, and the new Mary Russel character is engaging.


I hope you’ll join me on Ginny’s blog & share what you’re working on and reading!

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Snow Day!


I’ve been wanting to take more pictures this year, and as I’ve been working from home from my dining room table, facing the windows, watching the snow fall, I got inspired. These are all from my porch, and I think I stayed out there 5 minutes max and then had to come inside and make some tea. My southern blood is not compatible with this frozen precipitation!

Since I took these, it’s just. Kept. Snowing. The grass is almost completely covered now, and all the tree branches have that white glaze settled over the top of them. The weather channel keeps pushing back the time that the snow’s supposed to stop by. I didn’t actually realize this latest storm was coming and woke up pretty surprised at the dusting that was already on the ground. My attempt to drive in to work was rather short-lived; I made it 2 minutes down the road before I thought better of it and turned around. I’m quite content to watch the snow fall from the safety of my apartment. But seriously. Can winter be over already?


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GMM: The Decemberists — Mistral

Another day where I’m finally catching my breath after lunch. Morning full of meetings with some moving cubes / unpacking in between. I’m not completely unpacked, and there’s some other related admin sort of stuff that I need to take care of, but I’m mostly settled in. New cube looks pretty much the same as the old one 🙂

Happy Thursday!

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Have a very Merry Christmas!


Well, the first day of vacation is in the books, and I got my whole to-do list finished! Whew.

I’ll be sparse around here for the next couple weeks. I am definitely looking forward to spending time with the people I love. But not to worry, I’ll be back in the new year! Until then, I wish each and every one of you a warm and twinkly and happy and blessed Christmas season 🙂

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Friday 5: What you should be watching on the web

I know, I have a FO Friday that I still need to write, but y’all. After all the shenanigans I went through to get that bib pattern to work, I didn’t write any of it down. I mean, what was I thinking? So I’m making another one, and hopefully all my insights will just come back to me.

In the meantime, I’m trying something new. Any topic, 5 things. This one may be a little lame, but here goes. My top 5 recommendations of webshows that I think you should be watching!

These first several have a literary slant to them, all the rage these days since Lizzy Bennet Diaries came onto the scene.

  1. Classic Alice – A nerdy, book-minded college student decides to get out and live a little… just, according to some classic novels. So far, they’ve covered Crime & Punishment, Pygmalion, and a short story by Hans Christian Anderson. Currently doing Macbeth.
  2. Green Gables Fables – A modern retelling of Anne of Green Gables. Recently had a “Gilbert Day.” His dimples are epic.
  3. Nothing Much to Do (Benedick’s channel / Ursula’s channel) – Modern retelling of Much Ado About Nothing by a group from New Zealand. Sadly, it’s reaching the end, but definitely worth going back through & watching. 
  4. Frankenstein, MD – Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the latest from Pemberley Digital. I haven’t actually read the novel, but this is making me want to.
  5. Convos with my 2 year old – Sort of the odd man out on my list, but a husband & wife who act out stories based on conversations with their now 3 year old daughter… with the help of a grown man. Hilarious.

Of course, what’s a top 5 list without breaking all the rules & adding a few more, Douglas Adams style? These shows are currently on a break, but definitely worth checking out when they come back.

Pairings – Lovely show about cooking, family and friends. They also cleverly weave in recipes that are key to each of the episodes, which I find really neat.

New Adventures of Peter & Wendy – Retelling of Peter Pan, currently waiting on the 2nd season, thanks to a successful Kickstarter!

Tabletop – For any of you gamers, Wil Wheaton plays tabletop games with his friends. I love this because it’s exposed me to games that I’ve never heard of, or that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. When it comes back, it’ll be on this Geek & Sundry chanel.

So, that’s my list. What do you think I missed?

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100 Happy Days!

Well, that’s it. That’s my 100 days! I finished up on 30th April, and it went by a lot faster than I expected. I have a theory that’s because it gets easier and easier as you go along to find at least one thing a day that’s brought you happiness.You begin to realize just how blessed you are.

I couldn’t call myself a nerd without doing just a bit of analysis on my photos. So. Here’s what I took pictures of:

  • 22 pictures of people, including 9 selfies, 7 sort-of selfies (just feet or arms or hands), 3 selfies with friends, and 3 photos of just friends or family.
  • 7 pictures about activities including family or friends
  • 6 pictures including books
  • 13 pictures of food
  • 11 beverages (6 alcoholic, 3 tea & 2 coffee)
  • 11 pictures of crochet
  • 2 involving Clemson
  • 4 involving running
  • 2 involving Night Vale
  • 3 of the Canes or hockey
  • 3 about music
  • 3 about work
  • 11 about the weather, including 3 complaining about snow or how cold it is & 8 loving the glorious sun
  • 1 oddball about movies
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Calling all Carolina Hurricanes fans…

I know there are Raleigh-ites out there, Canes fans, or just plain hockey fans. I have season tickets for the Canes with a friend of mine, and we are looking to sell our tickets for some of the games….

  • Fri, 15 Nov – vs. Anaheim Ducks
  • Fri, 29 Nov – vs. NJ Devils (this is the Friday after Thanksgiving)
  • Sun, 1 Dec – vs. Vancouver Canucks (Sunday after Thanksgiving)
  • Fri, 6 Dec – vs. San Jose Sharks
  • Mon, 23 Dec – vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Tues, 31 Dec – vs. Montreal Canadiens

We are asking what we paid for ‘em, $110 for the two tickets and a parking pass. Our seats are lower level, section 115 row Z. (This is a pretty good deal for lower level seats).

We are also looking to sell some extra tickets…

  • Tues, 11 Mar – vs. Rangers
  • Tues, 25 Mar – vs. Islanders

Same price per ticket, just no parking pass. $100 for the pair. Also lower level, section 114 I think (I can double check for you if you’re interested).

Please send me a message if you are interested in any of the tickets! Go Canes!

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This is more of an LBD/Emma Approved crossover head canon, but my current prediction is that Emma gives herself credit for the Lizzie/Darcy hookup (since she and Darcy probably travel in the same circles).


Emma Woodhouse can’t help it. When Darcy kisses Lizzie she audibly gasps. Like a loud, deep I-can’t-believe-it gasp.

The new marketing manager raises an eyebrow at her over his workstation. Emma adjusts the noise canceling headphones and tries to compose herself. Alex is always lecturing her about her professionalism.

“You may have been able to charm your way through life so far Emma, but this is the business world. There are standards someone in your position needs to maintain.”

Well, it is Alex who insisted their new offices be open concept. If that means her professionalism slips a little in front of their employees then it’s his problem not her’s.

(To be honest, most of her problems become his to fix. She’s too busy fixing everyone else’s. Fix things, right them, that’s what she does. It’s her gift and her mission in life.)

Which drags her back to the freeze frame couple on her computer screen.

Months ago Fitz had forwarded her Lizzie Bennet’s video diary. Can you keep a secret?  He wrote with the link and Emma did. By gods she did, which is saying something because Emma does not keep secrets lightly. She cackled when she first watched the Bennet sisters do impressions of William Darcy. She didn’t know if she could call Darcy a childhood friend. He’d always been more of Alex’s peer.

(Neither Alex or Darcy were big on friends when they were younger and much preferred the term peer; Emma had long ago cured Alex of such seriousness. They were friends because she said so and he begrudingly accepted it because he’d never quite succeeded in getting rid of her and once Isabella married John they were bound together forever by the constant stream of babies their siblings seemed determined to populate the world with. So friends, co-conspirators, perpetual babysitters, and now business partners they will forever be.)

But to William Darcy – who Emma really only saw when they families vacationed at Whistler together – to him Emma was just Isabella’s little sister or Alex’s shadow. But Fitz was everybody’s friend and he happily brought Emma into the know because he needed some advice.

“So I feel bad for the dude cause he’s got no game,” Fitz had called her after Episode 60 went down.

“And you made it worse by that story about Darcy helping Bing.”

“Seriously, worst wing man ever. Right here,” he sighed. “But you’re the match maker. Got any ideas how I can do some damage control?”

Emma spun in her chair and chewed her lip. They were well beyond damage control. Lizzie Bennet outright loathed William Darcy. They needed to take small steps here. Small, miniscule steps that would move hearts from hate to mild curosity. They needed Darcy to surprise Lizzie at something other than a declaration of love.

But Darcy was the opposite of surprising. He was predictable, robotic even. He made Alex look laid back. Except when it came to business. When it came to business, Alex always said William Darcy was his model for a great CEO. Bold. Decisive. Generous. Protective. Visionary. After all, it had been Darcy who suggested Emma pour her effusive charm into the world of social media.

“You’re clever enough to be a hit online,” he told her at the Lee’s Christmas party two years ago. At the time, Emma had huffed. Clever enough? It had been Alex who reminded Emma that coming from Darcy that was almost lavish praise.

So after he turned out to be right and when Emma approached Alex about partnering with her to launch Emma Approved, it had been William Darcy Alex went to first. Alex had picked the man’s brain and come back confidant they could do good things with Emma’s rough hewed pitch (she’s never been a detail person – that’s why she has Alex).

Lizzie Bennet needed to see that Darcy. She needed to glimpse the passionate, creative man underneath the mildly offensive compliments.

“Fitz,” Emma squealed into the phone, “Didn’t Lizzie say something about needing another place to shadow for her independent study…?”

That had been months ago. That had been Emma’s stroke of genius – executed by Fitz and Gigi with aplomb – that resulted in the very satisfying, sigh inducing video she had just watched. With it she could happily add another happy couple to her list, a literal list she kept for Alex to prove to him that her match making skills were unparalleled.

Emma glances at her calendar and realizes she has 5 more minutes before she has to meet her next client, a Mr. Elton. Totally enough time to rewatch the video. Happily, she clicks reload.

And when Lizzie kisses Darcy, Emma can’t help but sigh again. If only she wasn’t stuck being the match maker. If only, for once, the love story could be her own…

YES. (And stealing tags because they’re perfect)

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I am returned back to the Internets!

WELL. No one missed me, I imagine, while I was gone for a week. In education for my job from 8:30-7 daily (with a break for lunch). In Austin. (Austin was pretty awesome, the little of it that I got to see.)

Once we got out of class, and then managed to find something to eat, it was like 10pm, and we just went back to our hotel and CRASHED. While I am usually a night owl, doing participatory learning for that many hours in a day takes a lot out of you! I’d forgotten. So, the first thing to go was my online-ness. The 2nd thing to go was my work email, which apart from the first day when I HAD to log on because I had a deadline, I only spent maybe 10 minutes a day on. That really only allows me to cherry pick the most important looking ones. And is why I came back to a TON of email that I am only maybe 1/3 of the way through.

But! What I also missed when I was ignoring the internet was: New John Mayer! New Andrew Belle! And a Lumineers Deluxe edition! All of which I hope to listen to soon. And then get back to sharing awesome music.

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