Life lately: Hello, Stranger…

…is what I imagine y’all would say to me.

Well, what can I say. Everything is always about time. And my time lately has been taken up by

The wedding

Planning, researching, talking to vendors, negotiating meetings, traveling to SC. It’s all a lot of work! I had high hopes in the beginning of blogging about all of this, and the DIYs I was going to do… with 1 and a half months left, I can safely say that’s not going to happen. And the only DIY I’ve managed are the flowers. I convinced myself in the beginning that it wouldn’t be that bad! It would go quickly! Um, no. An individual flower might not take that long, but the sheer volume of them… I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I’ve reached the burnout point. These flowers are the only thing I’ve been crocheting for the past few months and I am So. Sick. Of them. Thank goodness for my girlfriends who are coming over this weekend to help assemble the flowers to their stems, and the stems into bouquets.

Owning a house

I love LOVE the house so much! It’s been wonderful discovering our neighborhood and meeting our neighbors. I’m especially enjoying the yard and seeing how it changes with the seasons. The azaleas by the front porch were especially beautiful, and I’m looking forward to seeing our magnolia tree bloom soon. But there’s always something that needs doing. There’s suddenly so many more rooms to clean! And projects, always projects. Again, I had grand hopes of blogging those too, but… again, it didn’t happen. I think I have pictures of some things in various stages on my camera, but they haven’t yet made it to the computer, because I only re-hooked up the computer a few weeks ago. My fiance M and I front-loaded a bunch of painting (the living room, kitchen, dining area & hallway, as well as the master bedroom) before I even moved any furniture in. And since then, M has scraped popcorn ceilings, refinished hardwood floors, and we’ve painted and installed crown molding in the room we’re using as an office.

Then there’s always work, and the week vacation that we just returned from, and somehow finding time to spend with our friends, and with each other.

So, time. We’re in a fight 🙂

But I enjoy this little blog, and sharing things with y’all. So I’m trying out one of Google Calendar’s new-ish features that schedules time around all your other commitments for those things that you’d like to do more of, but never seem to find the time. (Sounds pretty familiar.) Blogging is now on the calendar!

Looking forward to chatting with y’all again soon! Happy Friday!

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