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I’m still plugging along on my secret project but I’ve also picked my Christmas alphabet cross-stitch back up again. I’m really seeing the finish line with this project — only 3 letters and a snowman to go! 3 Christmases after I started this project, I may actually be able to hang this up for the holidays 🙂

I finished The Beekeeper’s Apprentice over the weekend. I finally got some uninterrupted reading time at the pool Saturday morning, and that was perfect timing! The book got to the most exciting part and I just couldn’t put it down! I’ll definitely be reading the other Mary Russell books at some point. I’m starting The Unsettling of America next. It’s certainly out of my usual wheelhouse, but that’s sort of the idea. My fiance and I both love to read, though he reads more non-fiction, and I’m more of a novel sort of reader. He read an article about how to exercise your brain and keep it healthy, and one of the things is to read things outside of your “comfort zone.” He picked this out for me (and if you’re wondering, I picked out Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for him 🙂

I hope you’ll join me on Ginny’s blog & share what you’re working on and reading!

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  1. Lovely cross stitch! I know how it is to take a while finishing. My MIL gave me a needlepoint kit for my first anniversary and I think for my FOURTH anniversary it was finished and ready to frame.

    1. Haha! I just gotta believe that the important thing is in the end, it DOES end up framed & on the wall 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Love the Christmas sampler. I’ve been thinking of starting a sampler for the holidays coming up but I’m the *worst* at finishing embroidery projects. Looks like it will be really nice when it’s done. 🙂

    1. Oh, that’s how this project started out for me. “Oh, for sure I can have this finished by Christmas!” and it’s June. 3 Christmases later… 😉 You should definitely start one!

  3. I do love the cross stitching you’re doing. I don’t know if I have the eyesight for doing this anymore, but I keep my supplies. I think because I love it so. I hope you get to enjoy your sampler on the wall this year! :^)

    1. Thanks! I am really pushing to get it finished and then framed before this holiday season. My mom has a similar problem to yours, I think. She enjoys stitching, but now she has to use one of those lit magnifying stands. The things we crafty folk do for what we love!

  4. I got the pattern from thecottageneedle on Etsy. It looks like it’s not available anymore, but I’ve just gotten sucked in to looking through all the new stuff that’s out there (even though I don’t need any new projects, haha), and it looks like she has a TON of cute stuff!

    ETA: The designer for the pattern is Lizzie Kate, and I found her patterns online at 123stitches.com, and i’m doing the Winter Alphabet pattern. Turns out there’s one for each season!

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