FO Friday! Crunchy dishcloths


Ok, I haven’t had the best blogging track record this week. I mean, I meant to go back and take real crafty pictures after work Wednesday for a WIP post… and forgot. So that didn’t happen. And yesterday went by in a whirlwind of meetings and no GMM post at all. But today! Today is Friday! So here is a project I finished up… relatively recently… as part of a wedding shower present for a friend of mine.

Crunchy Stitch dishcloths (bridal shower gift)

Crunchy Stitch dishcloths (bridal shower gift)

I’ve made quite a number of these washcloths (or hot pads, if you choose, they’re really multi-talented 😉 for lots of occasions because if you’ve got a little bit of cotton yarn and a few hours — bam. Washcloth. And who couldn’t use some more of those?

Ravelry project


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