WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along


In case you missed it, last Friday I shared the FO for the mysterious striped project i’ve been working on recently. (Spoiler alert: it’s a zebra!)

I’ve still been plugging along on my secret projects, but since one is All But Stuffing, I’ve been poking around in my WIP basket & attempting to finish stuff up.

What’s in the picture up top is a hat (so nice that I’m finishing up these warm hats now that it’s 80 degrees outside… :), and I discovered that all it needed was 10 rows of sc on the brim and some buttons to be done! So I’ve completed the actual crocheting and found some neat buttons from my stash. Just need to do a bit of sewing!

I turned my attention next to my autumn leaves hat (another hat, I know, ridiculous). This one will take a bit longer than an afternoon to finish up, but I spent some conference call time on it earlier this week, and it’s really starting to take shape. I can definitely see the leaves now; in fact, it almost is like it’s blooming! Such a neat pattern.

It’s been fun picking up some of these WIPs that have been hanging around. I won’t be able to wear them right away, but at least after I’m done I’ll have 2 new hats for this next winter.

I just started reading The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, which definitely reads like Sherlock Holmes fan fiction (and I don’t mean that as an insult!). It’s written in the same style as the original Sherlock Holmes stories. I really enjoyed those, so I think I’m going to enjoy this as well. I like the mysteries and action so far, and the new Mary Russel character is engaging.


I hope you’ll join me on Ginny’s blog & share what you’re working on and reading!

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