Friday Favorites

Hi y’all! Are you as glad as I am that it’s Friday?? Here are some links that caught my eye this week:

I’m always on the lookout for tasty crockpot recipes. Anything that lets me prepare in the morning and have dinner ready by the time I get home from work is great! Doesn’t this Lemon and Herb Crockpot Roasted Chicken look tasty?

When I discovered these Unofficial rules for Quidditch Pong, it definitely brought me back to my grad school days. The twists on the rules to incorporate Harry Potter lore are super creative!

Before I met M, I didn’t realize eggs were a thing you could be allergic to. Now i’ve become aware just how many tasty things contain eggs! I love finding hints about how you can make things in a new way to leave out eggs, like this eggless french toast.

Being a designer, I love my Moleskine. Everything goes in there — notes, sketches, ideas, my whole body of knowledge about the projects I’m working on. So you can see how i’m pretty taken with this idea of being able to have digital (searchable!) copies of all these notebooks.

M and I went to go see the new Avengers movie last weekend. (Fun superhero movie plus snarky humorous dialog and interesting characters! What’s not to love?) So I investigated what’s coming up next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Turns out, a LOT.




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