FO Friday! Stripey Zebra


Happy Friday, y’all! I’d love to share another project I finished recently as a present for some good friends of mine, and their new arrival, little D. I have it on good authority that D and zebra love to snuggle together & zebra is almost as big as he is!

There’s all the relevant info about this project out on my ravelry, but I just have to call out the pattern book that I got this zebra from, Edward’s Menagerie. There are all kinds of animal patterns, each one more adorable than the next, and they each have their own special details, like zebra’s mane and tail (which you can see in the pictures).

Speaking of which…. yay, pictures!


Shout out to my mint nail polish! So trendy! (It happens every once in awhile đŸ™‚


Baby F Shower gift

Baby F Shower gift

Baby F Shower gift


Baby F Shower gift

Just loving how zebra turned out! I hope he continues to be a great snuggle partner for little D as he grows up đŸ™‚


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