WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along


Well, I finished up my striped fellow, and he is off to his recipient! Hopefully I’ll be able to share that FO with y’all in the next couple weeks.

Currently, i’m a bit of a planning mode, because I have lots of Ideas for crocheting wedding decor. I want to use doilies on the tables at the reception, and I’ve been looking at antique stores for them, but I’d like to make some as well. I’ve been saving patterns on Ravelry like crazy, but do y’all have any favorites? I’m also playing with the idea of crocheting my bouquet, but I’d like tiger lilies, and I’m having a heck of a time finding patterns for that. Anybody know of anything?

Of course, I’m still working away on a secret project, which you can see a purposefully super-close up picture of above (so as to not give away anything!)

Not much time for reading lately, but I’m still plugging away on Outlander. Didn’t quite finish fast enough for season 2 of the TV show.

Joining Ginny!

What have you been reading, crocheting or knitting lately?

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