GMM: Ben Rector — Forever Like That

Serves me right for installing an untested plugin I guess? I went to post this morning, and literally NOTHING worked on the WordPress web UI. My first instinct was that the surprise update from WordPress broke things, and went to go revert, only to discover this wasn’t possible. It’s also not possible to turn off the automatic updates. However, I did some more tinkering and disabled the Grooveshark plugin I added yesterday, and that seems to have fixed my immediate problem.

I’m still irritated that WordPress has hamstrung me, and congratulates themselves on good user experience. As a user experience professional, a good user experience is not to change something out from under your users and have no way for them to turn that option off or undo your actions. It’s to notify them of the available update, explain the urgency, and give them easy ways to update and to turn on automatic updates, if they wish. UGH.

I was in such a good mood, and was going to post something cute about making playlists for possible wedding reception tunes, but there’s nothing like problems with technology and dumb UX to suck that out of you.

Anyways, here’s some good music, and good music always makes things better. If you’re having a rough start to your day, I hope this helps you too!

Happy Wednesday!

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