FO Friday! M’s Manly Hat



Awhile back, I finished a hat for M, just in time for February’s winter storms. He requested it, a tightly crocheted hat that would keep him warm. Needless to say, he LOVED it. It was freezing, of course, but I don’t think he took it off except to shower for the first 2 weeks he had it. I’ve halfway been thinking that since I got it back for a short while (to take pictures of it), I should maybe wash it. HA.


I crocheted it according to pattern, but then added a ribbed brim to it, making it long enough to be a bit slouchy if he wants. Mostly he wears it with the brim folded up as in this picture, for extra warmth around the ears.


(Of course the only nice, centered & in focus picture I was able to get of the crown & the mismatched join edge is front and center. *sigh*)

All project info is out on Ravelry. For the ribbed brim, I followed this video. I also finished it off with a round of reverse single crochet to cinch it all in & give it a nice finished edge.


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