Snow Day!


I’ve been wanting to take more pictures this year, and as I’ve been working from home from my dining room table, facing the windows, watching the snow fall, I got inspired. These are all from my porch, and I think I stayed out there 5 minutes max and then had to come inside and make some tea. My southern blood is not compatible with this frozen precipitation!

Since I took these, it’s just. Kept. Snowing. The grass is almost completely covered now, and all the tree branches have that white glaze settled over the top of them. The weather channel keeps pushing back the time that the snow’s supposed to stop by. I didn’t actually realize this latest storm was coming and woke up pretty surprised at the dusting that was already on the ground. My attempt to drive in to work was rather short-lived; I made it 2 minutes down the road before I thought better of it and turned around. I’m quite content to watch the snow fall from the safety of my apartment. But seriously. Can winter be over already?


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