Snow Day, take 2


Ok, this is the South. We do not get this much snow! And not on the regular, multiple weeks in a row. But this year we did, and the second time around dumped a lot of heavy, gorgeous powder all over everything. Including the trees, turning them into something out of a fairy tale. Sometimes the trees could handle it, and sometimes… well, when they couldn’t, they fell all over power lines.

Yup, you guessed it. I woke up to a beautiful, white blanket of snow… and no electricity.

No electricity means no a-lot-of-other-things, it turns out. Like no heat. And no hot water, for showers or for tea. And no charging for my cell phone, or my work laptop (dead as a door-nail by the time I woke up). And no internet, so even if my work laptop were functional, I couldn’t log into anything. And no refrigerator to keep all the things I’d just bought at the grocery store the day before cold. Sigh.

The no-work I wasn’t exactly grumbling about, so put on a couple extra layers and I made myself a nest on the couch of all my extra blankets. I finished my book. I spent several hours crocheting. I watched one of my neighbors sledding down the hill with his small son.

I could focus on all those things that the snow left me without. But then again, I could focus on the time it gave me to slow down, unwind, and enjoy some things I haven’t had much time for lately.


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