FO Friday! Prayer shawl



For some reason, this FO kind of fell through the cracks when it came to me blogging about it. I finished this prayer shawl / lap blanket before Christmas and donated it through my church knit & crochet group. We’ve recently expanded our scope from creating and donating items to Birthchoice to also donating items to the outreach programs for the elderly and shut-ins. That’s who this shawl is intended for; I hope it reminds them that someone is thinking and praying for them, as well as keeps them warm!



The yarn is something I had lying around in my stash. Super chunky & works up really quick, and the colors are quite beautiful. The pattern is super simple from Lion Brand; it’s basically hdc for as long as you want. I just tweaked it a bit to add some decorative picot borders to each short side.

As usual, you can get all the details in my project info out on ravelry.

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