FO Friday! C3PO Amigurumi



I’ve been making my boyfriend M these small Star Wars amigurumi as occasional presents. The latest one, C3PO, was part of his birthday present.


Honestly, they are the cutest things. Eventually, I may get a handle on making them a bit more stable to stand on their own. Maybe.




M keeps them at work, and my favorite is when he sends me pictures of their adventures. This is the latest series that I got this week (complete with the email commentary in italics, which is the best part. I giggled so hard).

There is a .00026% probability of penetrating this translucent enclosure!


Oh my! It’s quite possible that my lower stabilization modules have been damaged!


In the words of earth inhabitant John Lennon, I get by with a little help from my friends.


The project information is out on ravelry, of course. There’s a whole series of these little guys, if y’all are interested in making them yourselves. I’m not getting any kickback for the recommendation, I just think they’re super cute!

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