WIP Wednesday, Yarn Along edition


I’m pretty light on the crochet pictures today… lately I feel like i’m fighting to get that little bit of crochet time in every day, so what little time there is, I spend on the secret project with a looming deadline. I’m behind (of course).

All I have left is 1 more round of double crochet on my boyfriend’s hat, but I haven’t managed to finish that up yet. That didn’t stop me this morning, when it was 29 degrees out, from deciding that I need a new hat. HA.

I have been reading, in bite-size chunks before bed. I’m really enjoying this book, which is a collection of short stories about knitting (and it’s perfect for bite-size reading!)

What have you been crocheting or reading lately?

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    1. It was surprising to me to see just how many of these writers were also knitters or crocheters. And it’s lovely to hear their stories about how they came into it, or what it means to them. I’ll throw my recommendation into the pot šŸ™‚

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