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Happy Friday, y’all! For the next few Fridays I want to share with y’all the projects that I’ve just finished up in December. The first of them is this scarf that I made as a Christmas present for my boyfriend’s sister, M.



I couldn’t be more pleased with how this turned out! It was a nice portable project to take places while I was working on it, and each row went pretty quickly, especially once I got the pattern down. I love how the motifs cluster at the ends and spread out towards the middle! M love loved it as well.


I had to try it on, of course 🙂 I really need to get myself a tripod and remote shutter release; taking selfies with a dlsr is HARD!

The pattern is called Spiders, but — no offense to the pattern creator, of course! — I really hate spiders. So in my head, I think of them as flower motifs 😉

I also have to say a bit about the yarn. It’s hard to capture in the photographs, but it’s a gorgeously understated mottled green color, and so soft and lovely for having next to your face. (And lovely to crochet too!) I was super excited and a bit flattered when the yarn company contacted me & asked if she could feature my project on her facebook page! Facebook famous, y’all! Haha.

As always, all the project info is out on ravelry!


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