FO Friday! Colorful cowl


It’s finally Friday! (I know I’m not the only one who’s celebrating that fact…) It also means that I’ve got another FO to share with y’all. Moving right along through Christmas presents, the other one is a cowl I made for a friend of mine for our annual gift swap.

This was one of those free patterns I grabbed while perusing the yarn section at Michaels. It’s from Patons & uses some of their extra thick wool yarn. I chose sort of a rainbow color pattern, but there are a number of different color grouping of their ColorWul, so depending on what you choose, you could get a bunch of different looks.


Let me tell you what — if you need something real quick, this is a great candidate. I finished this up in 1 afternoon/evening. Of course, the yarn smelled a little… formaldehyde-y, so I washed it & laid it out to dry which took a couple extra days, but the cowl doesn’t really  need any blocking so you could totally skip that step.


The cowl is just big enough to slip over your head, so it scrunches pretty close around your neck. And I have it on good authority (from my friend 🙂 ) that it’s quite warm & comfy!

All project details are out on the Ravelry page!


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