GMM: Podcast Edition — Serial

I don’t know what game my body is trying to play, but I’m getting really sick of its shenanigans. Right after I’m able to catch up on sleep over the weekend, i’m right back where I started, waking up multiple times during the night. Needless to say, i’m running on Starbucks and Christmas carols right now.

Something I’ve started doing on my longer drives is listening to podcasts. I know everyone’s probably heard of this one already because I’m behind the times, but I’ve just gotten into Serial. This past week’s episode 10 (that I’ve linked to above) is the first one I actually had to wait for. Now that I’m completely sucked in, I’m wondering, how have the rest of y’all been coping with having to wait for a week between each of these!? Ha.

Happy Monday!

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