Blogging for Books!

So I came across a new blog last week, thanks to Ginny’s Yarn Along, and I’m kind of enamored with it. Kerry just seems really genuine! Also, she has some really cute blog ideas that I might have to copy… but that’s for another day.

Through Kerry My Heart, I also discovered Blogging for Books. Y’all. I am stupid excited about this. I’ve already been reading things and writing reviews on Goodreads for awhile, and now someone is going to send me books to read & review, for free!? Sign me up! (That’s exactly what I did, actually. I signed up.) My first book just got here (it took about a week), and it’s a dystopian novel. They’ve got a good amount of fiction to choose from, but they’ve also got non-fiction, cookbooks, and crafty books too! No crochet books available this time around, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Y’all will definitely be hearing more about this, since I’ll be blogging about / reviewing all the things I read courtesy of BfB.

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