A Re-introduction.

Since I’m finally making the move to separate my Tumblr from my domain, and work to develop what lives on my domain as the handmade blog I’ve always wanted & intended it to be… I figured new beginnings deserve a reiteration about where this space, my space, came from.

I have been a Russophile ever since, at age 12, I decided I wanted to be an astronaut & needed to learn Russian. Spoiler alert, I’m not an astronaut, but Russia stuck with me. I did take Russian in high school, and all my friends were enamored when I would write out their names in cyrillic. My own name uses all recognizable characters: Сара, and so this became my nickname (only pronounced the American way, with a hard C, like the Greek letter). When I began creating my internet self, my username easily flowed from this high school nickname. I’m Sarah… AKA Capa.

My domain’s Russian influenced as well. Встреча (vstrecha, transliterated) means a meeting, gathering, or get-together. That’s how I’ve always seen my space: as a get-together with my friends, near and far. A time and place to share my life. So enjoy! I can’t wait to get to know you 🙂


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