WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

Y’all, so much has happened since last Wednesday. I’ve nearly reached the end of my bib saga, but boy was it a bumpy road. Last week when I  left you, I’d embarked on an attempt to keep with the stitch counts as closely as possible, and thus had skipped the 2nd row 4-5 repeat. I ran into my next problem about 1 or 2 repeats into the row 11-12 repeat. If you think of the bib as being 3 sections: the center, where the stitches go up-down & the 2 sides, where the stitches are angled inwards (see my lovely diagram below), the side sections were losing stitches each row, while the center section was gaining stitches. Eventually, the center section gobbled up all the stitches until there was no space between my 2 markers.

So I ripped back and did the 2nd row 4-5 repeat, in hopes that this would give me enough stitches to finish the row 11-12 repeats before I “ran out.” No dice. This time I made it about 5 repeats in. At this point Friday night i’d lost count how many times I’d ripped this bib out & I’d had it up to here.

So I set that aside, found a new bib pattern & attached a lacy strap from my original, problem-child pattern. This time in orange. And tried out my button options. So much easier!

I’d also gone to the ravelry forums to ask for help. Let me tell you, this is why the knit/crochet community is so awesome. One lovely lady went to the library & borrowed the book to see if she could help me! Never made the pattern before, doesn’t have any potential babies that the bib could be fore, but she was prepared to go buy dk cotton to work it alongside me so we could figure it out. Lucky for her, i’d also finally found a straight-on, non artsy picture that I could use as a reference. That, combined with the forum chats we’d had, allowed me to formulate some tweaks to the pattern that eventually worked. Huzzah!

(I’ll talk about what I changed, [and maybe even attempt a stitch diagram!] when I do my FO blog post about these.)

In the meantime, guess what my next portable project is? That’s right, i’m picking up the 2012 mystery afghan again! Maybe this is the year i’ll actually finish it…

Joining Ginny.

What have you been crocheting lately?

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