FO: Megan & Dustin’s wedding afghan

I’ve got a ta-da ready for y’all! Drumroll, please…

Here it is! Here’s my latest afghan-as-wedding-present:

Megan & Dustin's wedding afghan

Not a full bed size afghan, more of like a couch throw-size.

Megan & Dustin's wedding afghan

This one is for my cousin and her husband. I chose some neutral colors, because Megan has never really been super girly, and I think it’s something Dustin would like too (AND maybe it’ll hide dog hair… 🙂

The close up above, you can really tell it’s done in all tunisian stitch. This was my first time trying that out. I think I was just intimidated because it sounded hard, but it’s really simple once you get used to it.

Megan & Dustin's wedding afghan

By virtue of being done up all in tunisian stitch, the blanket fabric itself is nice and thick. Which will come in handy for my cousin, since they live in Minnesota.

Megan & Dustin's wedding afghan Megan & Dustin's wedding afghan

Ugh. Just get a load of that fringe. Love. I definitely had swollen fingers for a couple days from cutting all those yarn pieces. The pattern actually quotes the wrong number of pieces to cut (has you cutting too many!), and I talk about the details of that in the notes of my ravelry project, linked below.

Megan & Dustin's wedding afghan

Not shown here, I completely submerged the blanket, and then rolled it up in a towel to get out the excess water. I blocked it mainly to straighten out the edges, as one tended to curl up, and another ended in some curved half-squares. This worked really well, and having it pinned down also helped when it came time to attaching all the fringe. Want more information about the pattern / yarn? I’ve got the project details out in ravelry.

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