WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

I know I’ve been hit-or-miss on this lately, but it’s tough when all the projects I’m working on are surprises for other people! (I’m hoping these pictures are mysterious enough to not spoil any surprises…) I’m finishing up one large project (the bundles of yarn pieces in the middle left picture are for the fringe), so you know what they say… Let’s start 2 more! I am in love with both of them for different reasons. I love the yarn that I’m using for the project in the middle right picture, and the cables are definitely not mindless crochet 🙂 The project in the bottom picture is mostly lace, very different from the project that i’m finishing up now.

I just finished up a book, so last night I started Waiting to Be Heard (about the girl who was tried in Italy for her roommate’s murder). Big mistake. Never do that before bed. I’m not really sure how long I lay there, twitching at ever light that flickered or every noise I heard. I haven’t started Empire Falls yet, but I’m hoping it will balance out the other book emotionally. *fingers crossed*

Joining Ginni.

What have you been crocheting or reading lately?

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