100 Happy Days!

Well, that’s it. That’s my 100 days! I finished up on 30th April, and it went by a lot faster than I expected. I have a theory that’s because it gets easier and easier as you go along to find at least one thing a day that’s brought you happiness.You begin to realize just how blessed you are.

I couldn’t call myself a nerd without doing just a bit of analysis on my photos. So. Here’s what I took pictures of:

  • 22 pictures of people, including 9 selfies, 7 sort-of selfies (just feet or arms or hands), 3 selfies with friends, and 3 photos of just friends or family.
  • 7 pictures about activities including family or friends
  • 6 pictures including books
  • 13 pictures of food
  • 11 beverages (6 alcoholic, 3 tea & 2 coffee)
  • 11 pictures of crochet
  • 2 involving Clemson
  • 4 involving running
  • 2 involving Night Vale
  • 3 of the Canes or hockey
  • 3 about music
  • 3 about work
  • 11 about the weather, including 3 complaining about snow or how cold it is & 8 loving the glorious sun
  • 1 oddball about movies

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