FO Friday! Ravellenic Games: Fingerless mitts

I have been talking about how I need a pair of fingerless mitts for FOREVER. My hands are constantly cold at work, and you can only get so much typing done when 1 hand is always holding a warm mug of tea 🙂

So, despite the fact that I have 2 huge, time sensitive projects to finish, I used the Ravellenic Games as an excuse to start a project for me!

Without further ado…




The one nice thing about making something for yourself is that you’re always there to test-try-it-on to make sure it’s fitting right. As I was going along, I was able to make tiny tweaks to get these mitts exactly how I wanted them.



(Do you know how difficult it is to take both hands selfies? Aim and focus the camera, then run around the other side of the camera before the timer goes off and pose where you *hope* is that exact sweet spot.)


I made the small version of these mitts, at least as far as the circumference of my hands goes. I added a couple rows of hdc between the wrist ribbing and the thumb split, as well as another couple between the thumb and the top ribbing. I wanted to make sure the tops came up over my knuckles 🙂 I also had to follow the large version of the thumb (since apparently I have fat fingers?)

I am super happy with how these turned out! I’ve taken them to work with me every day this week, and they cover my hands just enough to keep them warm, but still allow me to type quickly (a necessity when you work for a tech company 🙂

Check out my ravelry fingerless mitts project page for all the details!

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