FO Friday! Herringbone Cowl


And here’s the last of the Christmas presents! This one was part of my gift for my sister. Purple for Furman, of course 🙂

image image

The one thing that doesn’t come across through the pictures is how DANG SOFT this yarn is. Really, it’s amazing!

You can really notice it in this picture, how the edges curl up. I didn’t really think about bringing my blocking stuff home with me for Christmas, so I had to improvise when I was finishing it up the night before my sister was due home. (Nothing like last minute! 🙂  After I took these pictures, I turned the steam up on the iron as high as it would go, and held it just over the fabric without actually touching. And then stretched. Not my best work ever, but it got the job done.image

Sadly, there was only 1 skein of this color left when I ordered it, so I just worked the pattern until I ran out of yarn. So in the end, I was about 10 rows or so short of finishing the printed pattern, but it still ended up pretty wide enough. For use as a cowl or a hood!

image image

Project information found on my ravelry page!

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