WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

This is even LESS fiber-y than normal, but… My dad made me some cornhole boards for my birthday, so one of my ongoing projects is to paint them! What you see in the picture is basically their “before” state. My dad had initially primed them, and this week I used wood putty to fill in any holes. Perhaps this weekend, when I can stand to be outside for longer than the walk from my car to my apartment, I will get started on the actual painting.

Don’t be fooled by the fatness of what I’m reading. It’s a collection of short stories by George RR Martin, and I’m only reading one out of this volume (for now). I’ve never read the Dunk and Egg short stories (which are set in the same universe as the Song of Fire and Ice series), so I figured it was high time.  I just finished The Hedge Knight last night.

What have you been reading or working on lately?

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