FO Friday! Everyday Toboggan


I hope the picture clues you in that i’m talking about the HAT kind of toboggan, not the SLED. (I don’t even know why I called it that, I never use that word. A hat is a hat is a hat, and a sled is a sled. And a toboggan is a sled.) This was a Christmas present for my dad!

This was the first time I was trying out slip stitch crochet, and (until I can actually knit somewhat proficiently) I like it for producing that knit-look. Plus, it makes a pretty thick, ribbed fabric. Which is good for a winter hat.


I also love how the short rows made that whirled pattern around the crown of the hat. That may be my favorite part of the whole pattern.


Unfortunately, here’s where I started being less than pleased. (Warning. Contains me.) It’s hard to tell from this picture because my hair is covering my ears, but the edge of the hat is only covering about a half inch of the tip of my ears. I didn’t realize this was going to be an issue until very late in the process, as it’s hard to measure because you work the hat crown-to-edge, around the head.

And of course my dad’s head is bigger than my head, so it covered even less of his ears. *sigh* I didn’t really know how to go back and add more length, once again because it was worked sideways. So that was pretty frustrating.

So I guess a warning? Be very aware of the length of your hat! I made the largest size that the pattern indicated, but if I were to go back and do this again, I’d measure a hat that fit, and then make that measurement the size of the longest row, and figure out the decreases for the short rows from there.

Regardless of how disappointed I was with the fit, my dad really enjoyed his hat! He wore it all the time when he went out to chop firewood 🙂

Pattern & yarn information is out here on the Ravelry project!

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