FO Friday! Canes earflap hat

Somehow amidst all my Christmas present crafting, I managed to finish something for myself. I had a pretty urgent need for it, so I was motivated to finish over the course of a weekend. For those of you who’ve been to a hockey game, you know… it’s cold inside the arena! And during the winter, when it’s also cold outside, you never really warm up. So I set about making a nice warm hat for wearing to hockey games. (In Canes colors, of course!)

FO: Canes earflap hat

FO: Canes earflap hat

FO: Canes earflap hat FO: Canes earflap hat

Pattern information can be found out on my ravelry project page (though I’ve just noticed I need to put in the yarn information still).

Since I just had to go through these shenanigans to put together this post, I need to vent. And make an announcement, I guess.

I wasn’t personally a big fan of the changes that Flickr made to their website last year, but they weren’t enough to make the site unusable for me (just irritating), and therefore not enough to motivate me to switch. But I noticed today that they’ve made further changes that have completely taken away functionality that I used every time I wrote a blog post (so like, every day). So i’ll be moving all my pictures from Flickr to another tool. I’ll be investigating ipernity and SmugMug. This will probably break all the pictures to every blog entry I’ve posted, but I’ve got to do it. Because I’m never cobbling together inserting photos again like I had to do today.

Previously, I could just go to a photo page, click on the share button, and copy the html that would display the photo as a link to the larger Flickr page, then paste it into Tumblr. Relatively Easy. That html is no longer provided by Flickr. It now provides some useless iframe bullshit. So I have to hand-write the html, then copy the url to the photo page from the iframe option & plug it in, then copy the url to the photo itself from the pinterest option & plug it in. THIS IS NOT A WORKABLE USER EXPERIENCE. It may seem ridiculous to mostly everyone else that I’m getting so worked up over this, but I am a user experience designer by trade and this sort of stuff just gets me fired up.

Anyways, tangent over. What have you been crocheting lately?

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