FO: Doctor Who cross-stitch

FO: Doctor Who X-Stitch

Yet another Christmas present! This time for my fellow Whovian cousin Megan. For each side of my family, we pick names for Christmas presents. You may recall that I had Megan’s name a couple years ago, and I made her this:

(Going back and looking at this picture, I notice I did a pretty fantastic job matching frames, yay!)

So having given her Ten, with his iconic pin-stripe suit & hipster glasses, I had to complete the set.

First up, Eleven & his tweed, bow-tie (bow ties are cool!) and fez (fezzes are cool?)

FO: Eleven X-Stitch

And then, of course, the ever-present TARDIS.


Apparently, my crafty gift was a big hit, not only with Megan, but with Lucy, another cousin (she’s hoping I get her name next Christmas, ha!) as well as my gramma (who doesn’t watch Who at all!)

I just love it when my nerdy and crafty interests collide 🙂

I bought the patterns as a set from etsy, but it seems that shop is no longer open. Looks like you can still find her at though!

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