WIP Wednesday, Futures edition

Not much to report on the WIP front… at least, not much that I’m willing to report. I’m in full-on Christmas present mode, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

There are a few things that I want to make for myself, soonish, that are hopefully short enough that I’m able to fit them in between the more attention-demanding presents.

1. slouchy &/or textured hat

I recently got some lovely tweedy-style yarn from a Craftsy crochet-a-long, but when the pattern for the hat was revealed, I so was not in love with it. So i’ve been trying to find a different hat pattern to use it on. I’m leaning towards the Key Tab Slouchy, but I’d like it to be my new winter hat & I’m slightly worried it’s not thick enough.

2. Canes hat

Maybe more pressing is my need for a hat to wear to hockey games. I’m a season ticket holder for the Carolina Hurricanes, and sometimes it’s colder inside the arena than it is outside. I want a red/black/silver/white hat to wear to games. I want to do another earflap hat in Canes colors, but I just discovered today that Full O Sheep got discontinued!? I’m so sad. I loved that yarn. I want to stop by Michael’s after work today to see if they still have any left… does anyone know of anything similar, if my expedition doesn’t pan out?

3. fingerless mitts 

Something that has been on my list for awhile… My office absolutely cannot regulate the temperature inside, and my hands are always cold. I want some fingerless gloves that are fairly simple & not too bulky,  so I can still easily type on my computer. I like the look of these sketching gloves or these firecracker gloves, but of course the longer I look on Ravelry, the more options I keep adding to my list. Those patterns both have the benefit of being free, but there’s also some lovely paid patterns like these into the forest mitts or these you need cable mitts.

If you have any favorite patterns, I’d love to hear suggestions! Are you trying to work in some personal projects amongst all the Christmas crafting?

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