FO Friday! Pumpkin cowl

Y’all. Remember when I told you about the lovely malabrigo that I picked up on the yarn crawl? And that I had just the project in mind for it? WELL. It’s done.

TA DAAAAAAAA! My Pumpkin cowl.

Pumpkin cowl

Ever since I made one for a friend last Christmas, I knew I wanted one for myself. So I took a weekend to refresh myself between Christmas presents.

Pumpkin cowl

It’s quite snuggly. (Please pardon the crazy hair. And the fact that I’m staring into your soul? It takes concentration to take selfies with a DSLR. That’s my story & i’m sticking to it.)

Pumpkin cowl

Ugggggh, just the COLORS. And the buttons. Aren’t the buttons lovely too?? I came across those on the yarn crawl and I knew they would be perfectPumpkin cowl

Pumpkin cowl

Of course, they’re a bit larger than the pattern calls for (and maybe a bit heavier), so I did a bit of experimentation along the edges where the buttons / button holes go. The pattern calls for 5 rows of sc at the beginning, but I eyeballed, using the buttons to measure how wide it should be. I think I ended up adding 3 extra rows of sc, for a total of 8.

Likewise on the other end, instead of doing out-and-back rows of 5 sl st, I did 8 sl st. For the button holes, I think I ended up doing 1 sl st, 6 ch, 1 sl st. Hopefully that makes enough sense within the context of the pattern.

Yarn & pattern info available at my Ravelry project!

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