WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

WIP: Christmas alphabet cross-stitch

Continuing the progress on my Christmas alphabet. Is it cliche to say that I love it even more with every stitch? I also wonder if it’s possible for me to make it through a cross stitch project without completely messing up the counting somewhere. I had to do some creative rearranging (but no one will notice but me, hopefully!)

WIP: Hexagon afghan

This is going to be the most boss Clemson colored hexagon afghan out there. I’m falling behind on the hexagonification (totally a word, I swear!)

And of course with all of these other projects in flight, I should make those my priority, right? And not start anything new until I’m finished with those, right?? HA. (You must be new here.) Anyways, if you got this yarn in the mail, how could you not drop everything and immediately wind it into cakes?WIP: Elise scarf

And start on a beautiful new scarf? One that you pinned on pinterest weeks ago & EVERYONE was repinning, so it must be awesome?

WIP: Elise scarf

I don’t have a picture of what i’m reading… but I started The Handmaid’s Tale this week. I’m finding it really intriguing, but I feel like it’s a race against time for me to finish it before I have to return it to the library! 2 weeks is just not enough, I have too much life going on around me!

Joining Ginni

What are you crocheting, crafting or reading this week?

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