WIP Wednesday! Yarn along edition

Maybe it’s the fall weather we’ve been having lately in NC, but all I want to do is snuggle up and work on my crafty projects.

WIP: May patterns

Slowly but surely on the 2012 mystery throw. I finished up lacy border #1, which still needs to be blocked. I’m not really looking forward do having to do both this border & the lacy block a 2nd time, but I just have to power through I guess.

Christmas Alphabet cross stitch

The Clemson game last Saturday was perfect for simultaneous crafty time, because after the first couple touchdowns it became fairly clear that we had the game in hand. Very low-stress. (When it’s high stress, I tend to pace 🙂 I got a big chunk of my Christmas alphabet done! It just gets more and more adorable 🙂

Hexagon afghan

2 colors down on the hexagon afghan, and the circles done for a third. I’ve taken to bringing it to work with me, to do during phone meetings where I generally won’t need to talk. A ball of yarn with a crochet hook stuck through is just so portable! 🙂

2 Oct Yarn alongI feel like I have a bit of ADD lately with what i’m reading. Still struggling with Pym (seriously, how can a work of fiction sound like a history book??) I started Feed recently, but was so tired that I fell asleep before I got to the 2nd page & I haven’t get picked it up again. Currently, I am busy devouring The Perfect Hope, which is the last book in Nora Roberts’ Inn Boonsboro trilogy. Sometimes a girl just needs to get lost in a cheesy love story 🙂

Joining Ginny

What are you crocheting, crafting or reading?

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