WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

I *did* finish my Clemson Frill scarf like I said I would… so you can look forward to a FO reveal on Friday! I am back to working on my mystery crochet blanket from 2012. I’ve made pretty good progress on this first pattern of the May(?) group, a fan motif with beaded petals. I have a backlog of pieces that need to get blocked, so maybe after I finish this motif, I’ll do all of them at once.

I’ve come to realize that I can’t stay focused on such a large project for a long period of time. So I’d never be able to finish one of these in a year’s time — which is why I haven’t finished this one yet, NOR 2011’s. And it’s why I didn’t sign up for 2013 and probably won’t for 2014 either. I really do want to finish both these mystery projects; I think they’re going to be gorgeous once they’re completed.

I also started another project which I neglected to take any pictures of. I will tell you it involves a lot of purples and oranges 🙂

I also left out what I’m reading from the photo, whoops. I just started the next Stephanie Plum installment, Hard Eight. I know, I know they’re a bit silly and I really fly through them, but they’re fun! And I think Stephanie is a bit inspiring and badass, in her own way 🙂

Joining Ginny, and Happy Crocheting!

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