Cooking with Pinterest! Spinach & Tortellini Soup

I’m back, actually cooking things that I’ve pinned! This time with soup. In the crock pot. Spinach and tortellini soup, to be exact. From the picture, I imagined it being a lot creamier (much closer to the consistency of say, clam chowder) than it actually turned out. Which is why I got rolls to sop up the last bits from the bowl… and then wasn’t nearly as satisfying as I’d hoped.Creamy Spinach & Tortellini soup

Creamy Spinach & Tortellini soup

Despite this, the soup is actually pretty tasty. And in the crock pot. Because you know what the best thing about the crock pot is? Most of the cooking is done when you aren’t even there. FANTASTIC. I was able to fit the little bit of chopping onions & mushrooms into my morning routine before I headed off to work.

Of course, I had my little tweaks. Mainly to add meat and meat flavors to things that people insist on making vegetarian for some reason. In this case, that meant swapping chicken broth for veggie, and chicken tortellini in for cheese.Creamy Spinach & Tortellini soup

For you single folks, this was 4 full dinners for me. In hindsight, I maybe should have tried freezing half? I was really sick of this by the time I finished up my last dinner.

Happy cooking!

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