Cooking with Pinterest: Quinoa Mac-n-Cheese

I’m trying out a new “segment” (if you will) where I’m actually going to try cooking some of the many things that I’ve pinned on Pinterest. This goes hand-in-hand with my new goal to (once again) not go out to eat as much and maybe actually cook things for myself. Let’s see how long this lasts.

I recently acquired a good bit of quinoa from my grandmother, and since I’ve never actually cooked it myself, I set out to find a recipe to try it out. (Side note, tumblr doesn’t recognize quinoa as a word. HA.) I found this recipe for Quinoa Spinach Mac-n-Cheese (via Two Peas & Their Pod, but I’m just linking straight to her source.)

Y’all, this is some tasty stuff. The recipe is pretty straightforward, but here are my notes:

— I used 2% milk, with no ill effects. Still tastes yummy. It’s probably that whole block of cheese in the sauce.
— Speaking of cheese sauce, I won’t judge you if you lick the pot. This is a judgement free zone.
— Did you know that quinoa increases 4 times in size when you cook it? I’m definitely glad I googled this before I measured out 3 cups uncooked quinoa.
— I was going to recommend you could leave out the butter on the topping too, because it seemed like a lot & made the topping really soupy. But as I was just looking over the recipe, I’m pretty sure I read that ‘3/4 c panko bread crumbs’ as 1/4 cup, so. Yeah. Just… be sure to read the directions correctly.
— If (like me) you think that all this recipe is missing is a little meat, I added about a large breast size worth of chopped chicken that I’d cooked in a bit of olive oil & lemon pepper seasoning. It was a bit on the light side, so you could probably even add more than that.
— And last but not least, if you’re cooking just for 1, this made 2 sizeable dinner portions and a nice lunch 🙂

I call this try a success! Straight to my YUM board.

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