WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

Joining Ginni’s Yarn Along with another kind of fiber project…

Still plugging away on my Christmas cross-stitch, and I’m still really enjoying it! Getting close to filling up my frame, going to have to move my linen soon. Hopefully I won’t mess up the work i’ve already done when I stretch it under the clips of the frame. I think all these pictures I’ve been taking are going to make an interesting gif at the end 🙂

I finished Gone Girl (uncomfortably disturbing in a how-can-people-do-these-things-to-other-people way, but still really good. I couldn’t put it down! And apparently they’re making a movie of it.) and also How to be Single (wholehearted meh  from me — yes, i’m single, but no, I don’t need some whiny, thinly-veiled preach-fest to help me “feel better” about it.) and now I’m back on Stephanie Plum. She’s just so zany, it’s constant fun.

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