I am returned back to the Internets!

WELL. No one missed me, I imagine, while I was gone for a week. In education for my job from 8:30-7 daily (with a break for lunch). In Austin. (Austin was pretty awesome, the little of it that I got to see.)

Once we got out of class, and then managed to find something to eat, it was like 10pm, and we just went back to our hotel and CRASHED. While I am usually a night owl, doing participatory learning for that many hours in a day takes a lot out of you! I’d forgotten. So, the first thing to go was my online-ness. The 2nd thing to go was my work email, which apart from the first day when I HAD to log on because I had a deadline, I only spent maybe 10 minutes a day on. That really only allows me to cherry pick the most important looking ones. And is why I came back to a TON of email that I am only maybe 1/3 of the way through.

But! What I also missed when I was ignoring the internet was: New John Mayer! New Andrew Belle! And a Lumineers Deluxe edition! All of which I hope to listen to soon. And then get back to sharing awesome music.

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