FO Friday! Lion Lovey

Yes! Finally blogging about these presents I made for a friend’s baby shower, oh… almost 2 months ago? WHOOPS. Now for the first part of the present…

Lion Lovey

…TA DAAAA! This little lion is a snuggly fellow. Of course I managed to sew on his arms and head a little lopsided, but. That’s UNIQUE and CHARMING. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

Lion Lovey

He may be the cutest thing I’ve ever made.

Lion Lovey

Perfect bedtime friend for little ones 🙂

Lion Lovey

Check it out. Those embroidery skillzzz! I think I’m improving!

Lion Lovey Lion Lovey

So, the details. Pattern, yarn & hook info is all out on lion ravelry project. I don’t think I included the black that I used for the eyes, mouth & nose, but I just used whatever worsted weight I had laying around. There’s no telling, I tend to lose labels.

I switched up the yarn a bit for the “mane” and the edging around the granny square “body”, mainly because I was worried about eyelash yarn & babies eating it. There’s still a bit of the fluffiness without the choking hazard? It sheds like nobody’s business when you cut it, though. Just be warned.

Pretty much the key to making this the snuggliest toy EVAR, however, were these instructions that I found on Pinterest: How to make cheap yarn baby soft (because, really, why do they only make baby yarn in pastels? Lame.) If you use expensive hair products, maybe buy some drugstore conditioner for this purpose, because you really go through it quickly. BUT — WELL worth it! I am now a believer. Somewhat curious if / how well the soft & snuggly factor will hold up if this fellow needs to get washed.

Come back next week for present part 2!

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