WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

I’m continuing to work on my Christmas cross stitch project, I think I’m making pretty good progress (for cross stitch at least, which for me is pretty slow going)! Maybe I’ll actually have it done in time for Christmas this year 🙂 I don’t know if I mentioned this previously, but I got the pattern on etsy, from the lovely thecottageneedle.

I did finish Let Me In last week, and (much to my relief) my gut was wrong! I was wholly satisfied with the ending. Now on to watching the Swedish and American versions of the movie! I’ve started Gone Girl, which is also a bit creepy, but in a very different way. This woman, the wife of the main character(?) just up and disappears. You start out with no real knowledge about her or why this might have happened, and you get to know her bit by bit through her diary entries. Right now, I kind of think she’s stuck up and the husband is very self-centered, so I hope I get a better feel for their motivations as the book goes on or else this is going to be a very tedious story.

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along (albeit very loosely)!

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