WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

Joining Ginni again this week in her Yarn Along!

I finished The Rook on the train back from DC this past weekend, and I quite enjoyed it. In sci-fi or fantasy novels, it’s rare to get a truly well-written & believable female protagonist, and this author does it! Really a treat. So now i’ve started The Casual Vacancy (sort of slow so far, I hope it picks up a bit, or else i’m going to struggle) and Casino Royale (my first time reading  Bond). Can’t seem to limit myself to just one at a time!

On the crochet side of things, I also spent a good portion of my train ride working on my sekrit project, so no photos there. But I’ve also picked up a new project, a mandala crochet-a-long through a creative being! Too beautiful to resist. I haven’t gotten that far, just picked my colors. I’m super proud of myself that I didn’t go out and buy any new yarn, this is all from my stash, woo.

What have you been reading & crocheting this week?

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