WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

A little something different this week, in addition to my usual WIP Wednesday post… I ran across this blog posting at the end of last week for Yarn Along, and I think it’s the cutest idea! Basically, every Wednesday, you share both what you’re knitting (or crocheting) AND what you’re reading. If you want to join in, you can check out Yarn Along.

Now that the Christmas holidays are over, I’m picking my 2012 Mystery Blanket back up again! I finished up a couple more pieces of the April patterns this week & blocked them. Slowly but surely…

I also *just* finished up A Memory of Light last night. When this book came in the mail, I was so excited, I just wanted to fly through it! Of course that’s about the time that life decided to get super busy, and I barely had any time to read. I definitely enjoyed it, it was a fitting ending to such a tremendous series (one that I’ve been reading since I was in high school!) I’ve also just started The Rook, which is another fantasy-sort novel. I’m only a handful of pages in, but I’m really digging the main protagonist — she’s quite a strong-minded woman.

What are YOU working on or reading?

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