FO Friday: Beardy Hat!

First let me say that I am not exaggerating at all when I say that this hat is THE SHIT. It is quite possibly the best thing I have ever made. It starts (as it always does?) with a moustache.

(Side note, tumblr just corrected that word to ‘mustache’ and I was like, “What, really?” so I had to google it. ‘Moustache’ is apparently the British spelling? I have never spelled this word with just a ‘u’. America, why do we have to make everything ugly?? UGH. Totes boycotting the American spelling. MOUstache all the way.)

FO: Bearded Hat

I would like everyone to know that I am not making an on-purpose duckface here. I have to hold up the moustache somehow.

FO: Bearded Hat

This bad boy was a Christmas present for my sister’s fiance. He actually requested it! Awesome. I approve of your choice, sis.

All of the yarn is just whatever worsted weight I had laying around in my stash. It’s kind of difficult to tell because of the colored stripeys, but the bottom edge of the hat uses bpdc and fpdc which cause the hat to cinch in and holds it on your head pretty well.

FO: Bearded Hat

The beard also holds it on your face pretty well, too.

You can sort of see from the sides that the original beard resulting from following the pattern exactly was a bit too small for my face. I don’t really think my face is especially larger than average, though I have been told I have a somewhat pointy chin. And I tend to crochet on the tight side. Use all that information as you will.

FO: Bearded Hat

What I ended up doing was crocheting into the ends of the beard & adding one or two short rows to each side. This also had the added bonus of making it easier to whipstitch the beard to the hat.

FO: Bearded Hat

The moustache was a separate pattern and was sewn on to the upper lip of the beard afterwards. Personally, I think it makes the hat.

This sucker is super warm. I could really use one right now, with all the crazy wind we’ve been having. Do you think people would look at me weirdly if I walked around with a beardy hat on?

Project details over here on ravelry!

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