The Snowmen aka “Someone is Messing with The Doctor”

First of all: SPOILERS for the the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Read on for some Thinky Thinks that are making me go HMMMM.


This is my theory about Oswin and the upcoming series of Doctor Who. If you haven’t seen The Snowmen, don’t read unless you love spoilers and want to marry them.

“Is The Doctor dreaming?” is something I thought repeatedly during the Christmas special. There are so many oddly placed references to past episodes and reincarnations that it seemed like they were fragmented aspects of the Doctor’s subconscious.

Let’s start with the characters. Obviously, Vastra, Jenny, Strax, and Oswin are all characters that have occurred before. Oswin is magically alive again, despite (presumably) dying in her previous appearance AND having been Dalekified. Not only is she not dead, but she is sans a metal shell. This is the first hint something is weird.

The second is the fact that Strax is also not dead. The only explanation we get is that a friend of the Doctor’s revived him. You know when you’re having a dream and you’re all like riding a unicorn to the Stop & Go by your house and the clerk is all like, “Where did you get the unicorn,” and your dream logic is like, “Oh, my friend beat a leprechaun in a fight and won it.” That’s what the Doctor’s explanation for Strax being alive felt like. In dream logic, it makes perfect sense. When you wake up, it makes none. Like, no one stopped him and was like, “Holy shit, you have a friend who can control life and death? Are you estranged with him because you have a lot of people die around you and you never told us that you knew a guy who could do that stuff.”

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