FO Friday! Winter Earwarmers

FO: Winter Earwarmers

So, oops I guess I missed last Friday… I was a bit preoccupied getting ready for the visitors I had last weekend (my fam), sorry about that! Continuing on with the crafty Christmas present extravaganza… This guy was a present for my sister.

FO: Winter Earwarmers

Yes! More Noro! I am so in love with this yarn. This particular shade had quite a range of colors from pink to turquoise, the largest portion of it was purple, which was one of her university’s colors.

FO: Winter Earwarmers

Perhaps I have a fat head (hopefully that runs in the family? Because I wouldn’t want this to be too big for her.) but I added an extra cable repeat in the main body part of the earwarmers, as well as 2 or 4 extra cable repeats in the skinny under-the-ponytail part (might have been useful to write that down, but oh well) to make it long enough to fit.

FO: Winter Earwarmers

Warning: me again. You can see that it’s wide enough that it completely covers your ears as well as a good portion of your head. That also may have to do with my yarn choice; if you use a lighter weight yarn, it probably won’t end up as wide.

Super-comfy, super warm. I kind of fell in love with it when I was taking photos, I want to make one for myself! (I should have, considering the frigid spell we’re having right now. I don’t really do cold very well.)

Project details over at ravelry!

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