Watch: The Story Board Ep. 5

The Story Board Ep. 5 – “Life Online: Putting the Meme in Memoir

So this is a thing… it’s pretty long (90 minutes, I wasn’t paying the strictest attention the entire time), but it’s got some of my favorite Internet peeps on it, talking about their blogs — Jenny Lawson, John Scalzi, Patrick Rothfuss & Wil Wheaton! As you’d expect, they all have their insightful moments & their hilarious ones. (Though Patrick does need to quit screwing around & FINISH HIS DARN BOOK ALREADY! haha)

(Also, apparently I already had a ‘nerdery’ tag! Need to use that one more often.)

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Concert review: Chris Lane Band & Jason Michael Carroll

Chris Lane Band & Jason Michael Carroll (1 Dec 2012)

A friend and I went to The Longbranch this past Saturday to see Chris Lane Band & Jason Michael Carroll. I was super excited for this show for a couple of reasons:

  1. This was my first time going to The Longbranch & I would definitely go back. It’s pretty much what you would expect from a honky-tonk bar (in fact it creepily reminds me of a similar place back home in Greenville called The Blind Horse Saloon), but I think it would be fun for a girls’ night just to go linedancing. The dance floor is kind of awkwardly set up from the rest of the floor, with a rail around it, which I think is what caused our crowd issues during JMC (since people try to cram in between the rail and the stage).
  2. I could not wait to see CLB again since I was introduced by a date to his music earlier this summer. Pour a 40 out for that failure, but at least I got a rockin’ new band out of it!

Chris Lane Band was once again awesome. I wish that he would play more of his own music (because I really enjoy it), but I can’t deny that it’s a blast screaming singing along to country classics and every single guilty pleasure song i’ve ever loved. And my all-time favorite, Wagon Wheel. BONUS, I have converted my friend to a CLB fan, so now I have an automatic companion to all their future shows 🙂 I was kinda disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to say hi to them after the show. My friend and I each had a chance to escape to the bathroom, but we HAD to stay exactly where we were to keep our “spot” in front of the stage. Even then we got pushed around a lot.

Jason Michael Carroll was also a lot of fun, i’ve just been more recently introduced to him & I don’t know many of his songs yet. He’s a local boy, and you can tell how much he loves coming back here to play. PLUS he’s got quite a few die-hard fans (who attempted to crush as close to the stage as possible, despite the fact that there really wasn’t any more room.) I witnessed an older woman chew out a girl and her tall, cowboy hat wearing boyfriend because they pushed their way to the front halfway through JMC’s set & she could no longer see.

Despite the somewhat vicious nature of the crowd ( 😉 the night was too much fun & I can’t wait until CLB comes back to Raleigh.

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Watch: Remembering Robert Jordan

Am I going to be a bit of a hot mess on Jan 8? I definitely teared up while I was watching this video. I was introduced to this series as a freshman in high school (in 1998, so THERE, i’ve dated myself), so maybe not with the series from the very beginning, but 15 years is nothing to sneeze at. I know i’m not the first person to say this, and I’m sure I won’t be the last, but I certainly have some conflicting emotions about this book. I’m excited that i’ll finally get to know how it all ends, but i’m really quite sad that it IS ending.

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