Concert review: FUN.

Y’ALL. fun. was A BLAST. More details about that later, but first: this awesome thing happened last night. I met a fellow tumblogger!

After the opener finished their set, I’m standing with my friends people-watching when I see this girl and I think to myself, “She looks SUPER FAMILIAR.” I lean over to my friends and tell them that I’m pretty sure recognize this person because I follow her blog. After some discussion (“Are you going to introduce yourself?” “What if it’s not actually her? And anyways, what am I supposed to say, ‘Hi, I recognize you from the Internet!’?? Awk.”) we kind of just let the subject drop. But a short while later, I offer to take a picture of the girl and her friend, and in the process of handing me her phone she shows me the back of it and explains, “It’s Kevin Bacon.” And i’m like “YUP YUP YUP. That’s DEFINITELY HER. Now I HAVE to say something.” So after I take their picture, in true Awkward Sarah fashion I say, “I have a random, awkward question for you,” and proceed to ask if she’s raleighwoodrockstar. Which she is. We have a moment of squee about each other’s blogs and meeting each other (it was kind of impossible to have any real sort of conversation since, even in between sets, they were blasting some other music), and it was clear that she was as awesome irl as I thought she would be from her blog. So HI LEAH! *waves* It was really nice to meet you!

Now. About fun. I don’t think I can adequately describe how much fantastic awesomeness was packed into this show. I had a feeling it was going to be pretty great when I heard it was sold out, but the actuality pretty much blew the top off my expectations. The there was this fierce electricity running through the crowd the entire night, and you could tell that Nate Ruess and the rest of the band were enjoying the HELL out of it just as much as we were. Definitely an infinite moment. Needless to say, if you ever have a chance to see fun. live I would absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend it. As many concerts as I’ve been to this year (gonna do a concert recap sometime next week), this might be the winner for 2012.

(P.S. If anyone has the setlist for the show, let me know!!)

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