WIP Wednesday!

Now that I’m back to working on multiple projects & they’re not all super secret, I want to pick back up with WIP Wednesdays. I slightly missed Wednesday this week, but who’s keeping track. 😛

I picked back up on the Crochet Club 2012 blanket & I’m almost done with March! I’m also blocking things as I go, this time around. I also started the mitts I had planned for the gorgeous yarn I blogged about earlier this week. I’m using this pattern & I’m loving the flower details! I’ve gotten a bit further since I took that photo (of the first of the 3 connected motifs, getting blocked). The last thing on my hook is another sooper sekrit project (the bottom right picture), so I probably won’t blog about it again for awhile — but I’m SO EXCITED about this one, y’all!

What are you working on this week?

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