What you should be watching on Teh Internets: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

This is another brainchild of 1/2 of the people who brought you the awesomeness that is Vlogbrothers (the Hank Green half). If you at all enjoy Jane Austen, you will LOVE this modern retelling of Pride & Prejudice in video blog format. I really enjoy seeing how they’ve translated the original story into now. For example, Lizzie and Charlotte are in grad school, Jane is a fashion blogger, and Bing Lee is a neighboring med school student (whom Mrs. Bennet would still very much like to set up with Jane. That part of the story hasn’t changed 🙂

For those of you familiar with the story, Jane & Lizzie are currently staying at Netherfield, and Jane is a bit under the weather. The actors & actresses do such a good job (we were just recently introduced on-screen to Bing!), it’s well worth a watch. If you want to catch up, there’s a handy Youtube playlist with all the videos. The characters also have twitter and tumblr, where they continue to “post” outside of the story shown in the videos themselves — the official website shows some of this, and you can also follow everyone individually on the various social networks:

Official LBD

Official LBD
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